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Crossbeam Product Updates: Enhanced Newsfeed, New ‘Request Data’ Option, and More!

We’re constantly working to enhance Crossbeam’s functionality -- here are a few recent upgrades that will help you take action even faster:

  • A more actionable newsfeed! Your dashboard’s “Overlap Activity” event stream now includes more context around why an overlap occurred. For example, did that new overlapping lead enter your population or your partner’s? Did your partner just get a new account that was already one of your existing leads? The dashboard now provides this context for every new event.




  • A simple way to request data! By popular demand, we now allow you to request a data share from any partner. Check out our new +Request Data button next to the +Share Your Data button on the Partners page. Now you can ask your partners to share specific data whenever certain overlaps occur. First, click the Request Data button. Then choose the relevant partner, the overlap where you’d like to see data, and a description of what data you’d like them to share. Then simply hit the “Confirm and Send Data Request” button, and the request is sent straight to your partner.




  • Last but not least, check out our product release portal! This is where you can see newly launched product features, a view of what we’re working on, and leave feedback on our future plans. We’d love to hear your feedback on things we’re considering building. Your input can directly affect our product roadmap! You can indicate how important a feature is to you by clicking on the feature, then clicking on an importance level. Check it out here: https://www.getcrossbeam.com/releases