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Crossbeam Raises $12.5M Series A for a Partner Success Revolution
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Crossbeam Launches Self-Serve Onboarding and Freemium Pricing

Feed the network. That simple sentence -- one of the core values of our business here at Crossbeam -- has been top-of-mind for us in recent months.

Bob Moore
By Bob Moore
May 28, 2019

Account Mapping and the New Partner Success Process

This is a guest post by Lisa Thoman Lawson from LTL Partner Consulting. Lisa has over 15 years in SaaS technology and provides partnerships and channel consulting services and workshops to high...

Lisa Thoman Lawson
By Lisa Thoman Lawson
April 22, 2019

Partnerships 101: ISVs, VARs, SIs, MSPs, and the Glue that Holds them Together

Are you new to business development or are you a tech executive working on your go-to-market strategy? Still swimming your way through the alphabet soup of terms like SI, ISV, MSP, VAR, and OEM?...

Bob Moore
By Bob Moore
March 11, 2019